Getting ready for Back to School

Published August 16, 2012 by crayolasandcombatboots

Yes, I am counting down the days till my 2 oldest go back to school! I love them but the bickering is terrible. I think they have a 5 minute tolerance point for each other. We went to registration yeasterday and picked up the schedules for both. They are both going to have busy days! My 7th grader is going to a new school building. They split up the Gifted program that he is in to make room for expansion in the program. New school building, but glad that the same friends.He is my social butterfly.
  My daughter is starting High School and her schedule will keep her bouncing back and forth across the school all day long. I am crossing my fingers that the adjustment to High School will be a smooth one. She picked up all her books and they are huge. Algebra,Physics and Literature. I am soo glad I don’t have to take those classes. I would fail at Are You Smarter than  5th Grader.
  Now comes the fun part of getting school supplies together. This weekend we will be going through the last years school supplies and the stuff I bought last year that was on sale like the penny filler paper. I know we have enough filler paper, glue sticks and notecards to last through High School for both of them.
 Next year it will be getting ready for all 3 kids since my youngest will be in preschool. It is going to be great and sad all at the same time.


One comment on “Getting ready for Back to School

  • We have been back at school a week now, and I think we just finished the supply shopping. My high schooler (his first year too!) brought home a new supply list for a different class every night.

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