Why I believe in total self led Potty Training

Published August 17, 2012 by crayolasandcombatboots

Ok here we are discussing Potty Training or as I have done with all 3 of my kids self led potty going.

My Daughter,Harmonie is 3 years and almost 3 months old and this is our potty experiences. I have cloth diapered her since around 15 months old and have loved it(There will be future blogs on my CDing experience) She has been slowly potty learning for the last year. I will not push her as she will not be going to preschool until next year at 4 years old. She started showing interest in the potty at around 2.5 years old so we started potty training. I found some Gerber underwear at the thrift store(also future blogs about my love of second hand) so I cleaned them out of all they had at 25 cents each.She had a little setback as far as potty training at around almost 3 years old where she was holding her poop in and would only go about once a week. We had to go back to the beginning of potty training and start all over. I will sing the praises of Pomegranate juice as a pooper helper forever.
Well,she did 1 poopy on the potty and decided that she treally didn’t like it at all. She will do number 1 all day long but number 2 at this point she will ask for a diaper.I will not push her to go on the potty, I will not fight her.  My 2 oldest self potty learned as well and my son who is now almost 13 actually overnight potty trained himself when he came to me at 18 months old and asked for big boy underwear and has never had an accident in his life.
So here we are waiting for that day when Harmonie will decide that pooping on the potty is a great thing again.  I will not push it because I don’t want to cause longterm effects on her bowels do to holding and emotional effects as well. I refuse to potty train for a schools schedule. Potty learning is not a matter of smarts but a matter of biological function after all, she is smart. She can say her ABC’s, knows all her colors, can count from 1 to 10 in English and Spanish and can say her full name and her age, all things that you learn in Kindergarten.


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