The Politics of Rape(in light of Todd Akins)

Published August 21, 2012 by crayolasandcombatboots

Here goes the conversation about rape.

Todd Akins the politician from Missouri has recently brought the subject of rape into the headlines.

Plain and simple Rape is Rape.When a person say no it means no. I recently had a discussion with my husband regarding rape in the context of our daughters. With our oldest starting High School we got around to talking about clothes and what is appropriate. He made a comment that got me very hot saying that girls need to be careful what they wear because of the way that grown men will look at them.

When will we stop putting the actions of men on our daughters.

When will we as a society teach our boys that raping is not right. And  when will we as a society teach that our girls that their bodies are theirs and theirs alone. Our daughters should not be fearful to wear what they want.We work very hard to keep our daughters’ self esteem high and when they are told that they can’t wear certain things out of fear than that is wrong.

Rape is about power and not sexuality or sex.

A woman will get raped wearing a cocktail dress and also while wearing a business suit. WHAT SHE IS WEARING DOES NOT MATTER! A woman does not ask for it based on what she is wearing. If a woman feels good in her own skin then she should be able to wear anything she wants.Generations of women have been blamed for being raped based on what they were wearing.The old”she asked for it” does not fit at all.

My husband said that if something was to happen to our daughter as a result of what she was wearing then what would her part be in the rape.

Emphatically I will always say that WOMEN HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY IN THEIR RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A woman NEVER asks to be raped.

It boils down to this, parents of boys teach them not to rape and that the world is not for them to take. Also, we have to teach our daughters that they alone say what happens to their body. When they say no they have a right to say no.

In other words, All rape is legitimate.


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