So I don’t have a degree does it really matter.

Published August 29, 2012 by crayolasandcombatboots

Ok, here goes a rant.

No, I don’t have a fancy degree and all that I am is a stay at home Mom. A degree doesn’t help you when your kid is sick or you have to play referee when they are arguing. I am so tired of feeling undervalued as an individual because I don’t have a big fancy degree nor do I have the urge to get a degree to make society think I am valuable. My opinions are just as valuable as a person who has spent years getting a degree.

Will I ever be asked for my input about politics and really be taken seriously, absolutely NOT, And do you know why, because I have no fancy letters after my name

Will I ever be taken seriously even at my kid’s schools, absolutely NOT, and do you know why, Because I don’t”work” outside of the house.

I can come up with great business ideas but will a bank ever take me seriously and give me a loan for that business,absolutely NOT, because I have no degree that says that I know anything about business. However, I have run a household for the last 16 years, balanced a budget and made sure that my family is fed, clothed and still no respect from society.

I made a conscientious choice when I had my daughter 14 years ago that I would be a stay at home Mom but sometimes I feel like maybe society would have respected me more if I had put her in daycare at 6 weeks old so I could go to a job that would have just barely enough money to pay for the ¬†daycare center or babysitter. Maybe all that I will ever be in society’s eyes will be as a second class citizen but when my kids have graduated High School, are going to college themselves and if either of my daughters ever want to be a stay at home Mom, maybe I will get the respect as somebody that has done good for society.


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