Our new journey into Homeschooling.

Published January 6, 2013 by crayolasandcombatboots

We have started a new chapter in our lives homeschooling my 14-year-old Freshman in High School. This was a decision that was very hard however it had to be done.

First of all, she is slightly learning disabled where she doesn’t learn as fast as the other kids her age.

Second,her maturity level is a couple of years behind her peers. She does not feel the need to be “mature” like the rest of the kids at school. She actually had a girl tell her in Gym class that she needed to lose her virginity since after all she is in High School.

Third, the school itself sucks as far as learning and safety is concerned. The school year began on August 27th and since then they have had almost e weekly lockdown, contraband checks and food fights. The fire alarm is being pulled almost every day.  How can a person learn in that kind of environment.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is when she had food thrown on her and the young man who threw it at her called her a Bitch and a whore after she had thrown it back at him. I was very scared for her because that the school has no metal detectors and checks and balances that make sure that a student has no weapons. He could have had a knife or a gun and could have hurt her with that kind of attitude.

The school never called me after it happened and I kept her home waiting for them to call me. My husband and I went to the school after 2 days to see what was going on since I had never received a call from the school. We were actually sitting in the Assistant Principal’s office talking about security of the students on Friday December 14th at 9:30 in the morning. I had no idea at that time that Sandy Hook even existed nor did I know what was happening as I sat in his office. That was the day and time we withdrew her from the Public school system. It was not till we got back home that we learned about Sandy Hook.

We are starting slow and learning what works for her but she is already a much happier girl. The stress is gone from her. Her face is clearing up and I am able to see my beautiful happy daughter. That is what makes it all worth it for me.

I will be updating curriculums that I have found that work for us and what we are doing creatively.


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