the cosleeping story that had me spitting mad!

Published January 12, 2013 by crayolasandcombatboots

This is the story that had me spitting mad yesterday on the news.

The “expert” was calling parents that cosleep “negligent and abusive”. I take offense to that as a cosleeping parent. I have 3 kids that I have coslept with full time as infants and though toddler age. I am neither “neglectful” nor am I “abusive”. They had NO parents that cosleep as part of the story. I amount that to one sided journalism. They only told one side of the issue. The side that was negative. They acted as if all experts are against cosleeping. They must have never heard of Dr. Sears who is a world renowned Pediatrician and expert on Cosleeping.

This is HIS opinion on Cosleeping

I would take the advice and expertise of somebody that has children of his own and has coslept  himself as a parent. If you ask me a Parent is a Real “expert”.

A link to safe cosleeping guidelines

Note that one of the guidelines warns against intoxicated individuals cosleeping. Those that “roll over” on their babies are more than likely intoxicated and therefore don’t have the awareness that they need to have in order to cosleep. 

I can’t believe that an infant is supposed to spend 9 months in a nice warm nurturing environment and when born be forced to be alone in a cold crib on their backs and in a dark silent room. An infant needs their Mother’s touch and smell to survive and flourish.

Thank you for reading this and so this ends my rant!!


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